Looking beyond the football field one must realize that winning is a synonym for success. What is success? Unfortunately there isn’t an answer. It is completely up to each individual. No two people will have the same definition and that’s ok. Some people might want to be a better husband or wife. Some might want to be a better father or mother. Some might want to make more money. What must be realized though is that success and failure don’t happen by accident. They are a culmination of each individual’s daily habits. Habits that have been performed day after day, year after year. Basically the proof is in the pudding. Sure, you can get lucky and have “success” without positive habits. Just remember that even a blind squirrel finds a nut. That success won’t be sustained. Your daily habits are your golden ticket to have the sustained “success” you want in life. Without these essential habits, success itself cannot be a habit. The key takeaway - perform a self audit. Are the things you’re habitually doing guiding you towards your goals or away from them? If they are, great job. If they aren’t, how can you make some minor adjustments to put you back on track. DM us if you want help or have any questions about habit formation!


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This is a photo of a waffle I had the other day. I smothered it in butter and syrup and ate it within 4 minutes. I also had a side of home fries covered in ketchup and some greasy sausage patties. It was EFFIN delicious. Could this have been “healthier”? Many would say yes. I’d argue no. What many forget is that we set impossibly high standards for nutrition. Everyone is expected to eat “healthy” at every meal. The reality is eating healthy at every meal is in fact unhealthy. Sure, “healthy” foods typically have a better nutrient profile than “non-healthy” foods. But that is in the physical sense of the word healthy. Most forget that humans are emotional creatures as well. The mind AND the body work together to create health. There are many out there who look like Greek gods and goddesses that eat healthy at every meal. The unfortunate truth is that oftentimes they’re not emotionally healthy. They deprive themselves of many things they enjoy (food is one example) for purely aesthetic reasons. They may look like famous Greek statues but inside they’re crumbling. The point of this post is to remind you that not every meal needs to be perfect or healthy. In fact, we encourage you to eat the things you really enjoy. Nutrition needs to be something that fits your lifestyle, is sustainable over a long period of time and helps you become healthier physically AND mentally. A good ratio to use for your meals is the 80:20 rule. 80% of your meals are “healthy” and help you improve your physical health (after all... we only get one body so it needs to last). The other 20% should go towards foods that you enjoy. This ratio encourages moderation and doesn’t exclude any food. If you have any questions about nutrition or want to know where I got my waffle and/or how great it was, hit us up! We’d love to help.

What have you done to unwind and relax this weekend? Finding ways to de-stress is vital for your health. For most, the weekend is the best time to do this. Finding this time will help you in more ways than you thought. Reducing stress can.... 1. Bring sanity and peace back to your life 2. Make you feel happy again 3. Recharge your physical and mental batteries 4. Help you connect better with those you love and others (people who are constantly stressed out usually aren’t fun to be around) 5. Help you lose body fat 6. Improve your sex life This photo is of a place I would decompress at. I would bring a couple of beers, water, some snacks and a chair. I’d sit there in total silence and just watch and listen. Is this perfect? Nope. But it worked for me. Find what works for you. Take a walk outside. Have A drink. Read a book. Find a beach. Workout. Run with your dog. Hang out with your loved ones. Hell, go climb a mountain and take a vow of silence for two days! The point is to find things that help make you YOU again. Comment below with ways you decompress to help others who may struggle with it!